Some Notes on P-Track

Vehicle locations are updated by agencies irregularly, and could be up to a few minutes old. I ask for updates every 15 seconds or so, but they may not always be available. Any vehicle whose data is more than five minutes old will not be displayed.

If a bus from any agency cannot be identified, its icon will be white. This is most likely to happen if an agency's "normal" bus serves a Sound Transit Express route, or vice-versa. The Coach Anomalies filter can be used to identify these cases (and others).

Everett Transit's data are odd all around, which is why both route directions appear in the popup and why I have almost no info on specific vehicles. There's nothing I can do about this.

Community Transit's data are brand new, so some odd data may be present while the inital bugs are worked out. There's currently a known issue where some trips will report exaggerated and inaccurate delay estimates.


Mid April 2019Increased refresh rate, addition of line overlays, Everett fixes. Other bug fixes and performance improvements.
March 31, 2019Modestly decreased load times, data icons now default, moved agency selector to top left.
March 25, 2019Initial Release

About the Developer

The Puget Sound Transit Operations Tracker is a project of Kona Farry, a transit enthusiast with almost no prior web development experience who just wanted to see all the buses on a map...and got a little carried away.

I'm currently a full-time student in Community, Environment, and Planning at the University of Washington, and I work part time for the City of Marysville Parks, Culture, and Recreation department. I'm also looking for an internship, so if you have something to offer, please get in touch!

Feedback, questions, and comments are welcome on Twitter: @kona404

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Data Attribution

By using this transit data you agree to the Open Transit Data terms of use and/or the Open Data terms of use. Transit location data is used under these licenses and is provided by one or more of the following agencies:

  • King County Metro Transit
  • Sound Transit
  • Community Transit
  • Pierce Transit
  • Intercity Transit
  • Washington State Ferries
  • Seattle Streetcar
  • City of Seattle
  • Everett Transit
  • I have no affiliation with any of these entities. Data are provided as-is with no guarantee of accuracy. You and you alone assume all risk of use.

    Many details about specific coach information comes from the Canadian Public Transit Database Wiki, a wonderful website you should check out.

    Map imagery copyright Mapbox, map data copyright OpenStreetMap contributers, map view powered by Leaflet.

    This background image courtesy SounderBruce on Flickr.